Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Honeycrisp 7.5oz, 8-pack


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A fast favorite with so many requests to put it online for sale that we just had to do it!

Each apple we put into our juice comes from local orchards, is hand-picked, and pressed in-house.

100% Michigan apples.

From the box:
“Vander Mill, started in 2006, is a small, family-owned cider mill located in Grand Rapids, MI.

All of the apples we use at Vander Mill are pressed right here at Vander Mill. Every apple we put into our products come from local, Michigan orchards, is hand-picked, and delivered right to us. Our apples are always as farm-fresh as possible.”

Ingredients: 100% Carbonated Apple Cider

Gluten Free. Locally Sourced. Vegan

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